FAQ - Victoria Park Medispa | Dr. Earl Minuk, Dermatologist | Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


Do I need a referral to see Dr. Minuk?

A private consultation with Dr. Minuk can be arranged by contacting us directly.
Referrals are not required for cosmetic consultations and treatments but if you
wish to see Dr. Minuk with a general (non cosmetic) dermatological problem, then
a referral from a family doctor is required.

Why should I consider seeing Dr. Minuk for my skin imperfections and
cosmetic treatments?

Dr. Minuk is a medical doctor (MD) with a specialist degree in Dermatology. He is
highly skilled and experienced in the various procedures offered at his clinic and
has provided over 25,000 cosmetic and laser procedures since 1989.

Dr. Minuk does all injection of BOTOX, Restylane, filler substances and leg vein
treatments personally and does not delegate these treatments to non-physicians
or nurses.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

We encourage you explore our website and contact us directly for further
information, a mailer or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Minuk.

What is the cost for a treatment?

Each cosmetic treatment is priced differently. We offer 0% financing for laser hair
removal and for you convenience offer payments with VISA, MasterCard,
American Express and Interac. Please note the clinic does not accept personal

Tattoo removal can start a slow as $89.00 per treatment with most treatments
costing $100-$200.

Laser hair removal can start as low as $100.00 treatment. We periodically offer
specials/promotions. We ask you to check back often to see our Promotion

Contact us directly for other pricing information.  Or call our office at: