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Breast Enhancement/Augmentation

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Breast Enlargement Surgery in Winnipeg

Breast enhancement, breast augmentation or also commonly called breast enlargement surgery in Winnipeg is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. It is designed to improve breast shape and size using a variety of gel or saline implants. Our Canadian board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Giuffre, is an experienced breast augmentation surgeon and can provide you with the information you need to choose the right implant.

There are a variety of types, sizes, and shapes to consider, and each type of implant has its own unique advantages.

Being a female plastic surgeon has been critical in Dr. Giuffre’s unparalleled ability to understand the numerous reasons patients might be considering breast augmentation in Winnipeg. Take careful consideration of your goals, because looking better in clothes can be a problem without taking a woman’s proportions into account properly. 

  • Some want to look more proportional in clothing
  • Some want dresses, tops, and bathing suits to fit better
  • Some breasts are a different size or shape, and you want to balance things out
  • Some want to recreate cleavage and firmness that you’ve lost after pregnancy, with weight loss, or with age

These common desires are all very good reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation with our Dr. Jennifer Giuffre.

Most implants look and feel pretty natural. You don’t have to massage them every day or replace them every ten years, (although this can be discussed at your visit) though some women end up having more than one breast augmentation surgery in their lifetime for a variety of reasons (including changing size or getting a breast lift).

Breast augmentation is a common procedure, and many women are happy to have made a choice that makes them feel better about the way they look. Once you decide to undergo breast augmentation with Dr. Giuffre Winnipeg, you will have a few decisions to make in planning your surgery, beyond finding a Winnipeg Cosmetic Surgeon.

During your consultation at Minuk SkinClinic & Laser Centre, you will have a chance to feel the implants in several sizes, discuss your anatomy and preferences then customize your implant and operative plan to give you the results you want.

There is only one female breast augmentation surgeon in Winnipeg. As a result, many patients seeking breast augmentation in Winnipeg do so for this reason.

If you are considering a breast augmentation in Winnipeg and are ready to meet one on one with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Giuffre at the Minuk SkinClinic & Laser Centre, click our link to schedule your consultation.