Dr Minuk's Winnipeg Price List* - Minuk Laser Centre - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Dr Minuk’s Winnipeg Price List*

*Pricing subject to change. We always try to provide our most up to date pricing, but all pricing is confirmed at assessment.

Coolsculpting Pricing Guide (per treatment)

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Most Popular Areas
Lower Tummy$1400-$2800
Upper Tummy$1400-$2800
Love Handles$1400-$2800
Back or Bra Fat, Arms$1400-$2800
Thighs (outer or inner)From $1400
Double Chins$600-$1200

Neuro-modulator(toxin) Pricing Guide

$8.5 to $12 per unit

Dr Minuk’s fee $9.5 – $12 a unit
Nurse Injector $8.5 – $10 a unit
Most common areas
Frown lines, ’11’s,$170 – $360
Upper forehead lines$42.5 – $120
Crow’s feet$170 – $360
Nasal bunny lines$51 – $75
Less common areas
Masseters (grinding or clenching)$400 – $1000
Jawline lift$320 – $1000
Neck bands$100 – $250
Lower facial BOTOX sculpting$400 – $800
Lipstick lipsFrom $34
Down turned lip cornersadd $60 – $75
Chin dimplingadd $34 – $60

Dermal fillers (Juvederm & Restylane)

Always ask if there is a promo or flash sale!

Dr. Minuk Pricing 1 cc syringe$650
Nurse Injector Pricing 1 cc syringe$525
Dermal Fillers by area*
Smile linesFrom $650
CheeksFrom $650
Top model lookFrom $1100
Tear troughsFrom $650
Jawline enhancementFrom $1100
Marionette linesFrom $650
Lip Enhancements *
Nurse injector
1/2 cc (mini plump)$425
1 cc$525
Dr. Minuk
1 cc$650
2 cc (fierce enhancement)$1200

*Prices subject to change without notice
*Excludes Sculptra and Radiesse
*Treatment pricing will be confirmed at assessment

Photofacials (IPL)

Single treatment$350
3 treatment package$850
6 treatment package$1200


Single session$400
4 sessions$1200
With PRP (platelet rich plasma)
Single sessionAdd $350
2 sessionsAdd $600
4 sessionsAdd $1050
Vampire Facial November Special$600

Belkyra (Kybella)

Double chin treatmentStarting at $1200

PRP Hair Rejuvenation

Single Treatment$1100
Package of 3$2800

SilkPeel Dermal-Infusion

Single treatment$190
Buy 3 get 1 free package$570


4 Treatments (abdomen or buttocks)$3000

Laser Tattoo Removal

*indicates 6 treatments included

Tiny (finger tattoo)$100 a session
Small (size of toonie)$600*
Medium (size of palm)$800*
Large (size of hand)$1000*
X-Large (8-10 inches)$1200-$1400*
XX-LargePriced at assessment

Clear & Brilliant laser

Single Treatment$400
Package of 4$1500
Permea laser peel
Package of 4$1600* includes home care

Acne Scar Treatment

Fraxel or Infini RX
Cheeks onlySingle treatment – $800
3 treatment package – $1800
4 treatment package – $2000
Full faceSingle treatment – $1000
3 treatment package – $2650
4 treatment package – $3000
Fractionated CO2 LaserPriced at assessment

Facial Skin Tightening

 3 Treatment Package$4000

PRP Facial Rejuvenation (Vampire Facial)

Single Treatment$750, Buy 3 get 1 free $2250

NEW Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Small Package
5 treatments of Upper Lip, Chin, Back of Neck, or Mid Tummy$450 plus tax
Medium Package
5 treatments of either Lip + Chin, Sideburns, Bikini Line or Underarms$575 plus tax
Large Package
4 treatments of either Full Brazilian,
Full face, Lower Legs or Lower Arms
$750 plus tax
Extra Large Package
4 treatments of either Full Legs,
Full Back, Back & Shoulders, or Chest
$900 plus tax

**0% INTEREST 12 Monthly Payments

** some restrictions apply