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The First Impression of Physical Appearance

When first making an acquaintance with a new individual, chances are you have wondered what first impressions you have made. We tend to make quick impressions of the people we meet in order to make sense of the social world surrounding us. Whether we like it or not, physical appearance has a heavy influence on how most people perceive others upon meeting.

Pose and facial expression can determine how another understands your self-esteem and personality traits such as extraversion, emotional stability, openness and likability.


The bias of attractive facial features can affect how individuals are treated in all areas of life. A study by Nicholas Rule and Nalini Ambady of Tufts University showed how people perceive others’ facial maturity. Those with younger looking faces were often believed to be warm and honest, albeit naive, whereas matured-faced persons were seen as dominant yet untrustworthy.

The same study looked at which qualities of the face resulted in individual’s judgements. Facial dominance was seen as an aspect that affected whether or not the face was viewed as being attractive. Examples of this would be size of jaw and brow ridge.

Less empirical studies and surveys can also help us understand what individuals notice first about others. Skin Mag Online identified the most noticeable qualities that men notice when meeting women as being hair, smile, eyes, and skin.


A separate study conducted by Murine found that eyes, smile, height and stature were both highly important to men and women upon meeting for the first time.

Studies that look at what people notice first about each other greatly vary, as does individual taste and behaviour  but it is clear that appearances do matter when making new acquaintances. What impression do you want to make?

At Dr. Minuk SkinClinic and Laser Centre, we focus on helping you achieve the facial characteristics that allow for lasting first impressions. Small enhancements of your features can allow for better impressions. Something as simple as white teeth shows general health and a vibrant personality. Ridding your face of troublesome acne scars allows your facial beauty to shine through with clear, radiant skin.

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