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Spider Vein Removal Treatment Winnipeg

Do you have unwanted “spider leg veins”?

I recently interviewed and videoed a treatment to you show how quickly and easily these veins can be treated with ‘sclerotherapy’. Enjoy the video and post your comments. I look forward to your feedback.

– Dr. Minuk

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qHAOMgcJ-U?rel=0]

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What causes spider veins to be visible ? 

The cause of spider veins is not very well know. In many cases they seem to run
in families. There may be a relationship in some people to hormone therapy,
pregnancy, and the birth-control pill.

Can spider veins be prevented? 

Spider veins can’t always be prevented. Wearing support hose may prevent some
unwanted blood vessels from developing.

How are the veins treated?

In the majority of cases, a procedure called sclerotherapy is used to treat
unwanted blood vessels. A formulated solution is injected with a very fine needle
directly into the unwanted blood vessel. This procedure has been used for spider
veins since the 1930s and before that for larger veins. In our clinic Dr Minuk
mostly treats the smaller superficial veins.

How long is it until there is a noticeable result? 

Over 1-4 weeks, the vessels fade, eventually becoming virtually unnoticeable or
invisible. A single blood vessel may have to be injected more than once, some
weeks apart, depending on its size and response to treatment. In any one
treatment session a number of vessels can be injected.

How long does it last?

Spider veins treatment is usually permanent however, you may develop new veins
which may require treatment.

Are there any side effects to laser or sclerotherapy?

Both treatments are very safe. An allergic reaction is very rare with the solution Dr. Minuk uses for treatment. The veins may look darker before fading and a bruising may occur around the treatment area. We encourage you to meet with Dr. Minuk to discuss the procedure before starting.