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Get Rid Of Your Acne | BLU-U® Treatment Winnipeg

Treating acne is not only a science – it’s an art. At Dr. Minuk SkinClinic and Laser Centre, we have the knowledge to treat both mild and severe forms of acne with the latest treatment options.


What is acne and who is affected?

Acne is a common skin problem found in both teenagers and adults when oils are produced by active sebaceous glands. Acne is most commonly seen on the face but many individuals also develop acne on the back and chest. There is often a genetic predisposition to develop acne. Other factors such as diet, sweating, stress, occupation and UV exposure may influence acne.

Why should you treat your acne now?

Aside from the inflammation, acne can cause scarring (especially for adults who had moderate to severe acne at an earlier age). There is also a significant psychological affect that sufferers may experience. Teenagers and young adults are especially prone to reduced self esteem because of acne.

Dr. Earl Minuk offers one of the most modern therapies, Blu-U, to clear your acne. Blu-U is a non-invasive, effective light therapy that often works where pills, scrubs, peers and topical products have failed. If you have struggled to find a therapy that works, Blu-U may be for you.

Blu-U therapy combined with the application of a topical prescription medication (photodynamic treatment) targets sebaceous glands and bacteria and provides the most effective, safe,non-systemic treatment ever available and is suitable for all ages.


A combination of Blu-U and photo dynamic treatments may also be considered for your treatment, depending on your skin condition. A topical medicine compound called Levulan is applied prior to exposure to a Blu-U light. The light activates the compound, which attacks the acne bacteria. In most cases, 3 treatments are scheduled at intervals of 4 weeks to complete the therapy.

Dr. Minuk  uses his specialist background to tailor an acne treatment plan suited to your skin and lifestyle. For more information, please contact us.