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Fraxel Laser Treatment Winnipeg

One of our primary goals at Dr. Minuk SkinClinic and Laser Centre is to create change that isn’t drastic, obvious or scary. We strive for natural changes and our patients never need to be afraid of ending up with a look that is too extreme.

Dr. Earl Minuk is certified in offering Fraxel®, a proven laser technology that helps the skin to look younger and beautiful, effortlessly!

If you have ever wanted to reverse the visible facial effects of aging, Fraxel® may be the best option for you. Fraxel® is a simple, non-invasive procedure that produces a real change that is not possible with just the use of lotions and creams. The procedure is best suited for those who have fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and brow lines. The procedure can also erase acne scarring, other types of facial surface scarring and age spots/pigmentation. If you have experience dangerous skin damage from the sun or have Actinic Keratosis, Fraxel® may also be able to help you.

Most Fraxel® treatments take only 15-45 minutes, which means the procedure itself is easy to fit into your busy schedule. Most patients experience the greatest results with approximately 1-5 treatment sessions. Results appear after 1-3 weeks, once Fraxel® has had time to work with your natural skin cells.

Fraxel® differs from other laser treatments as it possesses the pros of both ablative and non-ablative treatments. This means that Fraxel® is non-invasive, yet delivers the results of an invasive procedure.

Take a look at a few before and after shots to see how effective Fraxel® really is.




This patient had a surgical scar that did not heal smoothly. After 4 treatments with Fraxel®, the scar appears flattened and is overall less visible.


Age spots became troublesome for this woman until she tried Fraxel®. The results after only one treatment are stunning. Her skin appears smoother, with age spots almost completely diminished from her complexion.

If you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and are interested in seeing these results on your own face, give us a call to set up your consultation: 204.957.7242