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CoolSculpting in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Are you looking for body contouring with NO cutting, no surgery, no anesthesia and no needles/injections?

CoolSculpting is the solution for areas of fat that have remained regardless of diet change and exercise. Fat storage patterns are genetic, which is why you may be lean and in shape yet notice that some areas of your body still store a noticeable amount of fat.

Depending on the area treated, most appointments take only 1-2 hours and there is absolutely no down time. You can receive your treatment and be back at work in the afternoon, which makes it ideal for those who may not have a large amount of time to dedicate to treatments or surgery.


Most people see results in as little as 2-4 months. While CoolSculpting does not offer the quick, drastic results of liposuction, it is a viable option for those who would like to avoid pain, risk and down time.

CoolSculpting is now available for treating the thigh area. Find out more about CoolSculpting your thigh bulges with this recent segment from The Doctors.

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