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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dr. Minuk for Tattoo Removal

If you live in Winnipeg, you may have noticed there are quite a few tattoo removal centres popping up. Please be cautious to check on the credentials of each of these facilities to make sure you are making the best choice for you and your skin.

When making your choice about where to go to get your tattoo removed, keep these facts in mind about Dr. Minuk’s SkinClinic and Laser Centre.


1. 20 years of laser tattoo removal experience

2. We start our consultation with a full discussion of treatments expectation, fees and side effects allowing you to make an informed decision and consent for treatment

3. We use two advanced medical lasers

4. We use three wavelengths to treat decorative coloured and black ink tattoos

5. We use local and injectable anesthesia (numbing creams, lidocaine) for sensitive patients

6. We operate in a strictly confidential environment

7. We can properly treat all issues and wound care

8. We are implementing a new pricing structure!


Convinced? Give us a call to set up your consultation: (204) 957-7242

For more information, check out the feature on our services in the video below.