August 2012 - Victoria Park Medispa | Dr. Earl Minuk, Dermatologist | Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Dr. Minuk Press in Winnipeg Women

Fine lines and small wrinkles that never used to be there a few years ago, sagging and drooping in place of those plump youthful cheeks and slight bulging in areas you would rather have flat and trim. Kinda makes you{…}

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Mini Lip Treatment Winnipeg

Do you want fuller more luscious lips? Look no further! Now introducing Dr. Minuk’s Mini Lip Treatment in Winnipeg. Mini-Lip Treatments provide a subtle lip enhancement with just the ‘right amount’ of dermal filler to enhance, volumize{…}

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Thinking of Trying Botox in Winnipeg?

Rejuvenate your skin with our Introductory Youthful Glow Package! For men and women aged 28 and under you can get 10 units of Botox and a Micro-dermabrasion treatment for only $199! Regular Price $275. Botox is{…}

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